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    TummyCuddle - Soft tummy water mat


    "Thrilled with the tummy water mat! Has been a game-changer in our daily routine. It soothes fussy moments instantly and we've also seen a remarkable improvement in our baby's neck and upper body strenght. A must-have for parents!"

     Sophia L.

    ✅ Verified Buyer

    Looking for the best way to promote tummy time and sensory development for your baby ?

    Search no further! The solution is TummyCuddle!


    TummyCuddle is an invaluable tool to enhance your baby's growth and well-being, offering sensory enrichment, bonding opportunities and physical development support.

    TummyCuddle has also the magical ability to sprinkle sheer delight into your little one's playtime, turning ordinary moments into joyful adventures.

    Reasons you need the TummyCuddle in your life:



    Promoting tummy time-the gentle bouyant surface of the TummyCuddle encourages your baby to spend more time on their tummy, which helps develop their core muscles and their overall body strenght.



    Tummy time is highly recommended by pediatricians as an essential activity to promote physical and cognitive advancement.


    Cognitive development-interacting with the floating toys and observing cause-and-effect relationships (e.g. pushing a toy and watching it move) stimulates your little's one cognitive development.


    TummyCuddle awakens their innate curiosity, providing valuable opportunities for their growing mind to make connections and develop a deeper understanding of how the world works.




     ✅ Muscle strenght-the water's gentle resistance provides a unique environment for your baby to exercise and develop muscle tone, strenghtening their neck, shoulders and core.


     ✅ Motor skills development-babies can reach, touch and interact with the floating objects, helping improve hand-eye coordination and fine and gross motor skills.


        ✅ Sensory stimulation-the tactile sensations of the water and textures promote sensory exploration, enhancing your child's sensory processing abilities. 


        ✅ Visual tracking-babies are naturally drawn to the movements of objects, refining their ability to track and follow objects with their eyes.


        ✅ Tactile exploration-the diverse textures provide babies with opportunities for tactile exploration, improving their sense of touch.



    Comfort and relaxation-the soft cushioned water surface offers a soothing and calming experience, promoting relaxation and reducing fussiness.


     ✅ Bonding time-playing with your little one on the TummyCuddle creates opportunities for bonding, interaction and shared moments of joy.


      ✅ Portable and versatile-TummyCuddle is portable and can be used indoors and outdoors, making it the most flexible and adaptable addition to your playtime activities.


                                   How to use:


    Step 1: Open the valve and inflate the outer ring.


    Step 2: Fill the inside with water through the designated valve, using the appropriate   amount of water to create a comfortable depth.


    Step 3: Watch your little one have fun!



    We understand that your baby's early development is crucial and that you want to create the best opportunities to boost your little one's experience! 

    With TummyCuddle you can be sure you are maximizing your child's learning and development potential! 


    TummyCuddle not only supports early learning and improves motor skills and body strenght, but also brings instant joy to your baby, providing hours of entertainment.

    Both you and your angel can have a great time, while learning and growing!


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